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Beauty Buzz: Go Crazy For Coconut Oil

Skin care, hair care, wood treatment, nail care, cooking – Coconut Oil is one of those universal wonders of nature that has purpose in almost every room in your house. Haven't given it a try? Let's talk the benefits you might be missing out on.

Conditioning Treatment

Throw away that expensive salon bought deep conditioning treatment and give a coconut oil mask a try. This luxurious conditioner will penetrate WAY deeper than other conditioners without leaving a gross, greasy residue or threatening your hair with too chemicals.

Depending on your hair type, you can either treat your hair overnight or for only a few hours. Just massage it in, focusing extra on your ends, throw on a shower cap (or if you're cool like me, a plastic bag) and let the coconut oil do it's miracle work. Shampoo it out and voila! Heavenly, soft, luxurious hair.

Dandruff Be Gone

No more medicated chemical shampoos. Give yourself a glorious scalp massage with some coconut oil before you shampoo and you can say good bye to those freaky flakes and hello to healthy scalp! Plus, if you didn't know, regular scalp massages increase blood flow which helps stimulate hair growth. WIN!

Flyaways, Fly Away!

Tame those pesky flyaways and frizzy baby hairs with a drop or two on coconut oil. Rub the oil between your palms, and gently run it through your hair. Keep those bad boys in check!

Gentle Exfoliation

We've all suffered from dry, flaky skin at some point in our lives. My favourite way to scrub down and start fresh is with a natural concoction of brown sugar, blended oat flour, and coconut oil. While the brown sugar and oats help exfoliate away the dry skin and flakes, the coconut oil helps keep things moisturized and soft. Plus, the oatmeal will help keep your skin calm and prevent any irritation.

Bye Bye Razor Burn

Vacation planning, date prepping, I totally know the stress that razor burn can cause during your planning and prepping. Coconut Oil is not only a more cost effective way to say good bye to the bumps, but is also a great environmentally friendly option. Stay fresh and bump free without the irritation or clogged pores creams and conditioners can cause.

As Soft as a Baby's Bottom

Eczema problems? Tired looking face? Dry knuckles or elbows? Been there, done that. Keep a spray bottle with coconut oil in the shower and simple spray it on your troubled areas and rub it in. The hot shower will get rid of the flakes and open your pores, then the coconut oil will moisturize and soft up your skin.

Makeup No More

One of my favourite options for make up removal, dab a small amount of coconut oil onto a cotton ball and BAM, make up be gone. Not only does the oil remove all traces of your stubborn mascara or sticky eyelash glue, but it helps moisturize along the way.

Cute Cuticles

Hangnails are terrible and painful. As you crawl into bed at night, dab on a small amount of oil to each cuticle and massage it in. It'll help heal the cracks and hangers, and prevent any future fiend.

Add a Little Sweetness

Forget the artificial sweeteners or nasty tasting natural sugars, Coconut Oil will add a yummy sweet and slightly nutty flavour to your favourite baked goods, smoothies, amd sweet treats.

A New Take on Cooking Oil

Cooking oil doesn't always have to be the bad, fatty, and greasy kind. Coconut Oil is available in flavourless options for a great way to to fry food without the guilt. Plus, it's packed with good antioxidants and healthy fats!

A win-win solution for so many things, it wouldn't hurt to keep a bottle in all rooms of the house and make it your healthy, organic new best friend.