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Boudoir Photoshoot Prep

I've shared the details regarding why every woman should indulge in a boudoir session at least once in her life (read it here), and hopefully you've booked yours. So now it's time to discuss the preparation details leading up to the big day.

Let's recap: Investing in a boudoir photoshoot is the best gift you can give yourself, as a strong, confident, and beautiful woman! You'll not only have a great gift idea for your lover or just for yourself, but you'll feel empowered and confident.

Now you've booked your photographer, it's time to start planning and prepping for the session. Here are the best tips to help you prepare for the session:

A few weeks out:

Book Your Glam Squad

Makeup artists and hair stylists book months in advance, so I'd recommend securing your “glam squad” as soon as you possibly can. If you plan to do your own makeup and hair, make sure you have the necessary tools and products and start testing out ideas. It never hurts to be prepared.

Get Shopping

If you've picked a theme, or know what kind of props your photographer is bringing along, now is the perfect time to start shopping. If you don't have an exact theme or don't know where to start, look at pinterest boards or instagram pages and get some inspiration. Then invite your best girl friends and enjoy a day of girly fun!

Pose Planning

Whether it's your first boudoir shoot or not, it's always important to have an idea of how you want to pose, so you don't stumble and freeze on the day of. Look to pinterest or instagram again, and get some pose ideas to practice. Although your photographer will know how to pose you, it's great to figure out ahead of time what you are comfortable with and how you feel sexy. It'll not only make the day go smoothly, but make you feel more confident.

When you're closer to the day:

Pamper & Primp

It's never too early to start pampering. If you're a week or two out, it's the perfect time to get your hair cut/colour, have a mani pedi, get that dreaded wax, and all the other essentials. Doing a bit earlier allows time for any mishaps (god forbid) to be worked out in time.

Fitting Time

You did your shopping and now that you're closer to the day, make sure everything fits perfectly. Trying everything on again will give you enough time to do some last minute shopping, if needed. Side note: BRING EXTRA STOCKINGS. I can't think of how many times I've gone to put on my thigh highs only to find a damn run. Buy extra, pack extra. You can thank me later.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate,

Hydrate your face, your eyes, your legs, EVERYTHING. Drink tons of water and lotion up. Drinking lots of water will ensure your skin is healthy and hydrates while all the lotion will add a little extra hydration. There's nothing worse than a dreaded dry patch or tired looking eyes.

PLUS drinking extra water helps diffuse any bloating. Add some lemon to help flush out any toxins and you're primed to go.

Night Before and Day Of:

Eat Light

The night before, make sure you eat a light meal. Something high in good fats and protein but low in carbs. And avoid any alcohol. You'll look less bloated and feel much more energetic!

On the morning of, eat the same kind of light meal. Good fats will help keep you full without making you feel bloated. Bloating can happen in an instant, so keep it light and drink lots of water. But most importantly, don't starve yourself! You'll look beautiful no matter what!

Get Inspired

Every woman has those songs that unleash her inner sex goddess (don't deny it), so put on your favourite pick me up, sexy music and get inspired! Today is all about you!

Enjoy It

Be confident, relax, let go, smile, let your sex goddess shine through! The day is finally here and you should enjoy every minute of it. Be confident and HAVE FUN.