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Bralettes Are A Girl's Best Friend

Once dubbed as a phase or short lived trend, bralettes have proved season after season that not only are they here to stay, but they will be your go-to best bra in so many situations. A comfortable and fashionable alternative to your staple underwire bra, bralettes can be found in almost any store that sells women's intimates, from the intimates section at Walmart to the high end racks of your favourite lingerie boutique.

Supportive or padded, lacy or sheer, sexy, sweet, modern, or chic – there truly is a bralette design out there for every woman's needs and fashion wants. Lingerie companies have taken notice, putting an end to the struggle to find one that fits larger breasts, helping every woman find a bralette that fits comfortably and feels amazing!

So why is this trend here to stay? Why do I own far too many myself? Keep reading for the details on my person favourite bra:

Oh-So Comfy | Let's start off with an obvious reason, if you hate wearing a tight, stabbing underwire bra but need something to go with any outfit, a bralette can be the perfect choice. Gloriously designed without underwire, you'll no longer have to worry about the digging and gauging discomfort. Plus, with the bralette trend always on the rise, companies are striving to make designs perfect for everyday outfits that don't leave you with noticeable lace lines, wide straps, or temperature reading nipples.

They Really Are Supportive | Yup, you read that right, bralettes CAN be supportive for even larger breasted women. Don't get things confused though, bralettes won't provide the same support, shaping, and lift of your trusted underwire bras; however, many bralette designs have now been created to help provide some support to the women who need a little “oomph.” These style of bralettes were designed for the ladies who like to be comfortable around the house or making a quick trip out to the store without the discomfort of always wearing a wired bra or tight sports bra. Plus, they show off your natural shape and keep you and your girls cool and comfy.

Summer Friendly | Underwires, foam padding, push up cups, liquid inserts, there are so many parts to your regular bra that cause added heat and hold onto body heat, making you sticky and overheated when the warm weather rolls around. Avoid the unwanted boob sweat with a bra that adds the coverage you need without the added “heaters.” Bralettes are being made in lacy, moisture wicking, or spandex materials that help contain/prevent sweat and overheating, making them a natural summer choice. Plus, with all the different strap options, closures, and colours, they look and feel so cute under your favourite crop top, open back shirt, and flowy t-shirt dress.

So. Many. Styles | You may already take your robes, kimonos, bustier and babydolls out of the bedroom, so why not add some stylish bralettes to your “lingerie outwear” arsenal? These versatile pieces offer endless styling opportunities depending on your outfit. Pair your funky, lacy racerback bralette with your favourite low/backless cut shirts. Longline bralettes make a hot statement when mixed with those tight high-waisted jeans and your favourite wedges. Or how about a simple lace bralette with a simple slouchy tank. The possibilities are endless and your outfits are about to get not just hotter, but more comfortable too.

Bring on the Sex Appeal | Whether you're looking to catch someone's attention on a night out or you're trying to find a new way to tease your partner, bralettes are the perfect piece. They're like sexy décor for your body. Whether they're ultra lacy, minimally sexy, or stunningly sheer, pair those ideas with your natural shape, and let the bralettes set the mood for you.

If you hate wearing your typically, same old bras every day or just want to change things up, let a femme, fun, comfortable bralette show you the best time!