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Bridal Lingerie Shopping Guide

Many women can tackle their wedding planning with bold ease, but stumble when it comes to the lingerie part of planning. Many brides underestimates how important of a task it is to find the perfect lingerie for your big day.

The first thing that pops into our minds is La Senza's frilly lace or Victoria Secrets perfect models. Forget that! Don't step into a store and feel an uncomfortable wave of intimidation and overwhelm. It’s your wedding day and you want as little stress as possible, so give yourself plenty of time to get your wedding lingerie, preferably before the final dress fitting. The right undergarments can really transform your dress and make everything look seamless and perfect, so it's well worth devoting some time towards.


A classic, a staple, the most popular choice for brides, even after hundreds of years in fashion. A corset is a great options for a bride who needs support and wants a cinched waist.

A well fitted corset can have the effect of reducing the waist, smoothing your shape and enhancing the look of an hourglass figure. Perfect for any dress that is fitted in the bust, waist and even hips – Mermaid, Trumpet, A-Line etc.


Perfect for the bride who doesn't need or what to cinch her figure, but DOES need a good supporting piece, a bustier is a great option.

Similar to a corset in the sculpting and smoothing, bustiers offer less stiff boning and support in the midriff while still providing a good amount of sculpting and chest support. A bustier is great for supporting your breast as well as accentuating or add cleavage and the appearance of higher, fuller breasts.


Last but not least, no bride's lingerie look is complete without the garter! The garter is not only your finishing touch, but a great opportunity for something borrowed, something blue, something old or something new!

TIP: Make sure when shopping for any under dress pieces, you take the material into consideration. If your gown is designed to be a close fit or made with a light satin type material, heavy lace will begin to show through. Lace and embroidery may be romantic for the wedding night, but not really elegant in your wedding photos!