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Lingerie Trends Of The Last Decade

Every generation has it's fashion moment, whether great or just plain odd (male rompers, no thank you), but the last 10 years have seen some of the most glamorous and sensual lingerie trends.

As times changed, so has the need for lingerie. While many people think of lingerie as only as the sexy stuff (bedroom attire), the word “lingerie” describes the entire world of women’s intimate apparel, from bras, to chemises, to teddies, bodysuits and shapewear. It’s all lingerie. And, very often, one’s lingerie is meant to serve a purpose. Lifting the bust, shaping the waist, boosting confidence in the bedroom, lingerie has a job to do, and that job affects how it looks.

That being said, lingerie shouldn't remain the same in style or colour and come off as boring. There’s a range of possibility, even within the classic shapes. There’s always new, undiscovered detail to explore; Plain, strappy, embellished, embroidered, lacy, minimalist, sheer.

Leading us into the top trends lingerie designers have given us.


To say I am a fan of bralettes would be an understatement. Perfect for the modern day lingerie lovers, these soft, unstructured bras a staple for the millennial generation.

Bralettes are a mix of two fashion industry trends: 1. A trend towards casualness and 2. The demand for less expensive bras (bralettes are cheaper to both design and produce, which makes them cheaper to sell).

As celebrities and fashion influencers began rocking the bralette – often as a festival or day out staple – larger brands and designers picked up on the trend, leading to the resurrection of the bralette, scarcely seen since the “no bra” look of the 70s (you know what they say, everything old eventually becomes new again).


A trend we can thank burlesque dancers for, Lace Applique and Embroidery techniques are used when the dancers need to abide by nudity laws.

We’ve seen embroidered dresses, denim, bags and even chokers everywhere last year – so no surprise that lingerie designers also picked up on it! Be it florals, symbols or delicate lace details – appliqués are the trend that comes off as timeless and perfect for the younger generation who crave playful pieces.

Delicate lace designs are placed onto a mesh material, providing a textural, three dimensional, and intricate look. Easily worn for intimate moments and perfect for layering with everyday clothes, this is a trend I hope will flourish and continue growing in coming years.


A not-so-shocking return, fashion is all over bodysuits, rompers and teddies both as intimate wear and as outerwear. One of the earliest memories I have of a bodysuit is the classic high hip, highlighter pink, aerobics bodysuits my mother was photographed in during the 70s, classic.

Designers recently have taken bodysuits and teddy to a whole new level with more experimental and avant garde designs. Once used to replace a tops (blouses and t-shirts), today's designs are meant to be appreciated as a thing of their own.

Lace details, cut outs, straps, open back, deep v, bodysuits are now not only fun intimate pieces, but a work of art designed to be shown off. Festivals, concerts, club night, grocery shopping, pair them with some high waist shorts, solid skirts, or bold jackets and make a statement wherever you go.


All hail the corset!

In the 18th and 19th century, corsets were the most iconic sacrifice that women had to subject themselves to (Kira Knightly in Pirates of the Caribbean). Then came the 20th century, where corsets and fashion took a turn for the better (and slightly more comfortable), thanks to designers like Chanel, who started imagining dresses made of flowing lines, that followed the body’s curves, without constraining it to change its shape.

Corsets stayed in the lingerie department for the longest time, triumphing in the closets of all the women who wanted to express their femininity more boldly. Until recent years, when corsets, were spotted on the catwalk, reinterpreted in a completely different perspective.

Designers have put a feminine twist on this daring (yet flattering) trend - Styled over t-shirts, sweatshirts, and dresses, rather than worn on their own. Corsets are the longest reigning lingerie piece and the most adaptive, from necessary undergarments, to waist trainers, dress designs, and over clothing accessories, they'll always be around.

The past decade has seen some of the most exciting lingerie trends to ever happen in fashion history, doesn't it make you excited to see what's going to come in the next decade?