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Not Your Grandma's Undies

High waisted panties, they're redefining sexy. Sounds crazy, right? But to me, high waisted panties are the ultimate essence of timeless hotness. They've been given a hard time in the past few years, older, conservative women, and pin up models being the only ones wearing them. But they're busting their way through the stereotypes, and representing the sexy glamour of the 50s.

With changing silhouettes, the boyfriends jeans are hotter than ever, cuts are evolving, and feminine isn't just the skin tight, show off looks anymore. There is a newfound sexiness in the idea of covering up and teasing what's underneath. And that's why the high waisted panty (for lingerie and bathing suits) are here and ready to rock, in all their retro glory!

So let's talk the main reasons we are falling in love with this timeless silhouette:

  • It's sexy and feminine, without being too revealing and out there
  • They hide the tummy, though I think you should be confident in your body, but I understand many women (including myself) sometimes like to hide it
  • They give designers more area to have fun with, and they can make certain designs way more fun


act like sexy shapewear, cinching the waist and accentuating your


If you're feeling extra confident, take these retro classics outside of the bedroom, like under a sheer dress, or under your favourite boyfriend jeans.