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Summer Lingerie Trends 2019

Shopping for lingerie is a great way to connect with yourself and zone in on what makes you feel confident and sexy. If you're ready to refresh your intimates draw then keep scrolling to check out what lingerie trends are making a statement this summer.


Nothing says summer quite like flirty prints and lacy florals. Florals print and appliques have been popping up all over the fashion world as of late, and we're all for it. It's feminine, it can be sexy, and it's fun.


An accessory that will never steer you wrong, bralettes are here and sticking around. Perfect for the modern day lingerie lovers, these soft, comfortable bras a staple for the millennial generation.

As celebrities and fashion influencers began rocking the bralette – often as a festival or day out staple – larger brands and designers picked up on the trend, leading to the resurrection of the bralette (you know what they say, everything old eventually becomes new again).


As much as lounging around in your birthday suit or your partners baggy shirts sounds appealing, sometimes you just want feel comfy AND sexy. A cozy and sexy set won't steer you wrong, especially in the heat of the summer.


You might be thinking “isn't lace always simple?” but let me tell you there are tons of options. From textured, to eyelash or appliques, the simple and soft classic lace is having its trending moment. A delicate, fabric, simplistic lace gives your look a classic, sexy vibe, while being comfortable and flirty.

What are you waiting for? Why not start shopping today and find some new lingerie that suits you and your fashionista ways? After all, you deserve to treat yourself to something that makes you feel a million dollars.

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