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Tips For A Body Positive Vacation

It's here, the season of southern travels and beach vacations. For some people, the idea of vacation brings on feelings of relaxation and recharging. But for others, it stirs up anxiety and negative thoughts instead. Putting on a bathing suit, enjoying extra meals, delicious drinks and tasty treats, the things winter vacations are made of, can be intimidating and challenging when it comes to staying in a body positive state of mind.

So if you find yourself worrying about your body image as you approach your getaway, here are our top tactics to keep you in a positive state of mind:

Plan ahead

Shop, plan, and pack outfits that make you feel your best. Whether that's the cute cover up you rock the day with, or a spicy night out look, plan ahead and pack the outfits, items and accessories that make you feel your absolute best. What you wear has a huge impact on how you feel so there's no harm in thinking ahead and preparing to feel your best in advance.

Spoil yourself

Shopping trip! I don't know about you, but I love treating myself to a new outfit and/or a new swimsuit for every new trip. Every woman deserves to have at least one cute outfit and one hot bathing suit that makes her look and feel fabulous! It's key to find things that fit you flawlessly and make you feel comfortable, than to have a huge collection of “meh” pieces and outfits you dread putting on.

Tip for swimwear shopping: find stores that sell pieces individually instead of in sets. That way you can find the perfect fit for both bottoms and tops.

Mindful Travel

Being mindful of your body positivity plays a major role in STAYING body positive. Staying aware of your thoughts while eliminating the things that can spark harmful self-talk are key points to a mindful, body positive trip.

Ditch your phone and log out of social media, vacations are the perfect time to detox from the digital world and avoid any possible images, posts or users that can influence your BOPO. The less time you spend scrolling through news feeds, the more time you'll have to appreciate your surroundings and your company, and the more time you'll have to keep up the positive vibes.

Just keep swimming... or moving

Whether you're an active person on a regular basis or not, a great way to keep your spirits up about your body is to keep active! No, you don't need to hit the gym, it's a vacation after all! However, early morning and post meal walks or swims are a great way to ensure those delicious treats you've enjoyed (and deserve) don't bloat you or make you feel too full. Early morning walks to the pool, down the beach, or refreshing swim are great ways to wake yourself up and start your day with determination and invigoration.

Oh and don't forget the late night dancing with your friends (my favourite way to work up a sweat and burn the delicious dinner calories)! Whatever activity you do, make sure it's something you enjoy, even if it's just a quick walk to top up your drink.

While it might sound easier than it is, it is completely possible to have a happy, healthy, body positive vacay. Go into your next getaway with the right mindset and try adopting some of these strategies and I'm sure you'll feel calmer and more confident in that beautiful body of yours!