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Valentine's Day Lingerie: Shopping Tips To Spice Up The Night

Turn up your sexy song and pop the champagne, Valentine's Day is coming!

With the most romantic day of the year upon us, it's never too early to start preparing, shopping, and planning. While you're busy trying to figure out how to make your loved one feel extra special, make sure to take the time to also make sure that YOU feel extra special too. Lingerie is a perfect way to not only spoil your loved one, but to boost your own confidence and love that gorgeous body of yours.

I know, choosing the right pieces may be easier said than done. What colours? What will your lover like? What shapes suit me best? Garters? Stockings?! Breath, I'm here to help; This Valentine's Day, step outside your comfort zone and what you think "classic" Valentine's Day lingerie is and consider the following before you buy.

Think Retro
Retro fashion is always making a comeback, and we're here for it! Not only does it add charm to your look but class and sass. So many modern looks take inspiration from vintage eras, from longline bras to high-waisted panties and who could forget a timeless babydoll. If you have the tendency to stick to the small old, tried and tested pieces and looks, throwing some retro styles into your look is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and spice things up.

Forget those traditional colours
Reds & pinks, been there, done that. I know, reds and pinks are the colours of love, lust, and romance, they're the first colours that pop into our heads when we think "Valentine's Day Lingerie." However, that doesn't always have to be the case. They may be classics, and if you want to stick with tradition, go for it, but don't be afraid to opt for something more bold, bright and untraditional. Your favourite colour or your loved ones, don't limit yourself to one colour, think outside the box! Your loved one and you may be pleasantly surprised by a hot new colour.

Details, Details, Details
You may not think your loved one will notice the little details - the appliques, the specifically placed lines, the soft fabric - but trust me, when all attention is on you, your partner will be taking in every little detail. The way the fabric lay against your curves, the way each design or applique is hiding what's waiting beneath, don't underestimate the power of the little details! Your partner will fall in love with you all over again.

Nothing Sexier Than Confidence
What more does your partner love to see than pure confidence? It's really that simple. The confidence you exude & the comfort you feel in your own skin won't go unnoticed. Take the time to search for the perfect piece that shows off your assets, honours your curves, and makes you feel your absolute best. Hey, it might even be something as simple as adding a sheer piece to your collection, or a garter belt and stockings. Whatever it may be, be certain you choose the pieces that you know you will look good, comfortable and feel gorgeous in.

Sometimes, It's Great To Keep It Simple
Sometimes just a matching set is not only sexy but practical and comfortable. If you're in a bind, short on time, or just want to keep things simple, matching your best bra with some matching panties, maybe something with a little lace detail, is just as impactful as the bold bustiers. Throw a little "Oh, this old thing" in there with a smirk as you get things started to keep things hot.

Well, now that we've covered some of the basics in Valentine's Day shopping, get to it! It'll be here before you know it, so it's time to get shopping. Have fun with it, make it a girls day and help your friends find the hottest pieces for their date night too.

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Happy Shopping xo