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Why Every Woman Should Do A Boudoir Session

Don't let the title scare you! Boudoir Shoots are not only a great gift, but the perfect way to boost your confidence and unleash your inner sex goddess. Boudoir shoots are about making you feel sexy and beautiful, and knowing every woman deserves to feel that way, it makes sense for every woman to experience this kind of photography at least once.

In this day and age, society standards make women feel like they have to fit a perfect, singular mold (#effyourbodystandards), but with a boudoir shoot, the real you is what makes the photos sexy, not what society claims is sexy. Boudoir photographers know how to capture your best assets and angles and make you realize how beautiful you really are.

Throw on that new sexy dress, break out your lingerie, and pack those hot heels. While a boudoir session can seem very intimidating, here are the top reason why you definitely need to consider doing a session of your own.

You'll Look Outstanding
What woman doesn't love to get dolled up every so often. Professional hair and makeup, soft, sexy outfits, a photographer who will shoot all the right angles, it all equals some of the best portraits of yourself that you'll ever see. Don't worry about losing those last couple pounds, your photographer will know exactly how to pose you! Oh, and plan a night out after, with your girlfriends or your partner, you'll look and feel too amazing to wash it all off right away. Embrace it and flaunt it.

It's a Great Gift... For You
Show off what your made of and give yourself an esteem boost with some pictures you will ALWAYS treasure. No matter your body shape or size at the time, you'll always appreciate how good you looked and how amazing you felt. Do it for you. Pamper, indulge and love every minute of it!

It's Also a Perfect Gift For Your Significant Other
Picture the look on his/her face when you surprise him/her with a little black book filled with sensual, sexy pictures of yourself. Sure he/she loves you no matter how you look - messy hair, track pants, and no makeup - but showing him/her just how sexy you can get in your best lingerie and hottest heels will send him/her over the edge. Anniversary, Christmas, or just because, he/she can't prepare for how amazing you'll look. And that's a confidence booster on your side, too! WIN WIN!

It's a Perfect Excuse to Shop
As women, we tend to put others first in their lives a lot of the time. A boudoir shoot is the perfect excuse for some “me time,” so take some time for yourself and go shopping! The best part? Everything you purchased, even if it's a sexy dress or those hot heels, can always make another appearance. Whether it's in a more intimate setting or for your night out, the purchases won't go to waste!

It's Empowering
You may not believe me now, but trust me, you’ll feel like you can conquer the world after your shoot. First you get treated like a celebrity, then you get to see the sneak peeks and see just how sexy you really are, then you get the photos back. You'll be blown away by how the whole experience makes you feel like a goddess! Boudoir session are also perfect for reminding mothers and hard working women that they are more than just business women and mothers, they are beautiful women with curves and sex appeal.

Remember, wear whatever makes you feel sexy, confident, and powerful; a boudoir session is all about you! Choose a photographer that specializes in boudoir, and look for some ideas of how you would like your final photos to look. Oh, and don’t put it off, now is the time to indulge yourself!